Holiday Bankroll Management

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The holiday bankroll management is geared towards ambitious players that do not have much time to play Poker. We will show you three ways to increase your Bankroll from 1.000€ to 3.000€


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  • LemOn36


    Looking forward to the holiday or watch or new boobs pics in the forums :)
    I'd most likely aim for jackpot SnG if I were to go for this :)


    jackpot sng is a sucker, casino type

    i'd go for cash games 90%
  • tonypmm


    I have a feeling that the €500 cutoff between €5 and €10 Twister is too conservative if the player is convinced that he has 37% ITM. I need to check this with the SwongSim freeware ( ) and a private spreadsheet.
  • KTU


    Hey guys,

    if you have any questions about bankroll management:

    Feel free to ask me anything ;)
  • svonja


    Hello, regards from Serbia and good luck at the tables.
  • Tredix


    Nice video, thanks for this, this is player who can explain! :)
  • Averrell


    Nice Video, but I found less content for Twister Poker. Only few Videos and a very short Strategy Part. Is there some more?
  • gurasim


  • aedigao


    nice video!
  • liana789


    ого,мне еще далеко)
  • lostboys1


    Thx for that vid. mate
    gl to u and all u other guys here. Stay strong.
  • lostboys1


    but... KTU

    you mean Twister Jackpot SNG´s right!? Or do u mean Dirty Dozen, Maui, Rio and Fort Knox Jackpot SNG´s at I-Poker???
  • razor1151


    Nu se incarca rezolvati treaba asta cat mai rapid cu putinta
  • Ratatuj


    Very nice job, Arne!
  • rgs78


    Nice vid. Thanks!
  • tonypmm


    #13 - of course only Twister was meant. If you want fast and furious BR growth, don't play the 6-12-max jackpot SnGs - they're very profitable due to the jackpots themselves but in the enormously long run; in the short run, it's hard to win significant money even post-rakeback there, especially right now, when the standard lineup of a (6-seat) Rio is 5-reg.
  • Afulibador


    Goal: a nice-to-have luxury.
  • Phicube


    Liked the approach, but what about SNG of one to two tables?