PT4 Version 4.10.6

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      New PT4 update:

      The latest version of PokerTracker 4, version 4.10.6, is now available to be downloaded at

      PokerTracker is the Official Tracking Software Sponsor of the European Poker Tour Season 10. In celebration of our partnership with the PokerStars EPT we have launched a sweepstakes to win a seat in the European Poker Tour SANREMO Main Event valued at €5,300 plus an additional €2,000 for Travel Expenses compliments of PokerTracker. There is no purchase necessary, to qualify download PokerTracker 4 before March 25th 2014 while logged into your free account to be automatically entered.

      Release Notes - November 26, 2013

      Key Updates Summary:
      • NEW: PokerStars Heads Up ZOOM support is now available!
      • NEW: Bounties are now compensated for when using the ICM Calculator or reviewing ICM situations in the Hand History Replayer!*
      • NEW: Custom Report and Custom Stat Premium Add-On support is now available!

      • ICM: Bounties are now supported in the user interfaces of the ICM Calculator and the Replayer*
      • Import: Support for Australian Eastern Time Zone (AEDT)
      • HUD: 888poker: Change the HUD attachment procedure at 888 tournaments to stop the need to reattach the HUD at the start of each blind change
      • HUD: PokerStars: Support for ZOOM Heads Up tables is now available
      • Premium Addons: Premium stat support is now available
      • Premium Addons: Premium report support is now available

      • Import: PokerStars: Zoom tournaments now default to no-limit
      • Import: Manual Import: Improved the status reporting in the View Import Status window, including the number of summaries, fixed “hand/s”, and "was/were" output error notation
      • HUD: PokerStars: Changed preferred seating options to match the latest PokerStars client change which unified the formerly separate options for Tournament and Cash auto-centering
      • HUD: When a group is using lower opacity the opacity of the note border color is now also lowered
      • Mac OSX: Allow displays to enter sleep mode while importing
      • Site: Barriere: Barriere Poker’s live import and site configuration has been removed due to the closure of the network

      • Import: 888Poker: Allow Jackpot hands to be flagged when all-in
      • Import: 888Poker: Allow 888 tournament summaries to be re-imported after all hands have ben imported, if the summary was imported before the hands existed
      • Import: MPN: Adjust for hand history format changes that made tournaments import using the incorrect currency
      • Import: MPN: Change to stop using currency from hand limits in tournaments
      • Import: Party: Support for new “SATELLITES” prize syntax found in hand histories
      • Import: PokerStars: Address detection of players names at Zoom tables that have a very rare combination of rank/badge which may interfere with name detection
      • Import: PokerStars: Include support for EURO STEPS prizes
      • Import: Address situations where CAP games may affect the recognition of the game limit.
      • Import: Stats: Fix the population during import of ‘cash_hand_player_combinations.val_f_hole_cards_used’, ‘cash_hand_player_combinations.val_t_hole_cards_used’, and ‘cash_hand_player_combinations.val_r_hole_cards_used’ when pair + board kicker is used**
      • Import: Stats: Additional improvements for the calculation during import of hole cards used and kicker strength**
      • Import: Stats: Fix to not count a raise opportunity when facing a capped bet***
      • Import: GUI: Address various lock up or freezing issues that could occur if the auto-importer or other windows veto'd the main window close
      • HUD: 888poker: Fix a crash that could occur when shutting down auto-import if 888’s Snap poker disabled
      • HUD: FullTilt: Include support for Rush tables Sonic Boom (6 max) and Electro (6 max)
      • HUD: iPoker: Fix issues where the HUD might incorrectly be attached to a similar table name
      • HUD: PokerStars: Allow auto-centering at 10-max tables
      • HUD: PokerStars: Address various Zoom fixes for PokerStars 7 alpha users
      • HUD: PokerStars: Regular tournament tables may be misdetected as Zoom tables due to new PokerStars client changes
      • HUD: Improve “Stop Hud” to require less CPU and database resources
      • HUD: Fixed alias name query to work with all player names that contain unicode characters
      • Community: Fixes for random crashes that may occur that are related to the Chromium embedded browser
      • Database Export: Cancel button functionality, Add ability to cancel during tournament summary exports
      • Mac OSX: GUI: Resolved GUI issues where using the keyboard arrow keys would not always highlight the selected report line
      • Mac OSX: Mavericks: Resolved an issue with multiple display support that caused the note window to appear behind the table
      • ICM: Fix a bounty Tournament calculation error that could result in unpaid bounty distribution
      • Replayer: Fix the ‘amt_bb’ to display correctly in hands where the player in the BB is all-in for less than the big blind in tournaments by using the known Big Blind amount rather than the posted BB amount
      • Reports: Allow multi-highlighting in the Calendar & Overview/Date tournament reports
      • Push Downloads: Address the potential for lockups if a pushed download fails
      • Video Export: Default YouTube title is now added, and an error will be displayed if title is blank

      Additional Notes:
      * Bounty support already exists for ICM calculation of Net Adjusted Winnings, this addition allows the same level of support to become visible in the Replayer and the ICM Calculator in PokerTracker 4.
      ** The fix for kicker strength flags included in this release will only take effect during import, if you wish to use filters that incorporate kickers on your previously imported database, then we suggest re-importing your hands in a new database to assure accurate filter results for kickers.
      *** The fix for the methods used to count raise opportunities when facing a capped bet that is included in this release will only take effect during import. If you wish to use filters that will be affected by this change, then we suggest re-importing your hands in a new database to assure accurate filter results for this rare situation.
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      There is a lot of meat in that sandwich!

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      Originally posted by VorpalF2F
      There is a lot of meat in that sandwich!

      Thanks! Believe it or not this is actually a minor revision, not a major update. You should review our historical changes since we started posting on PokerStrategy... the list is massive!

      PokerTracker Official Updates

      PS: If there is anyone in the German of Russian communities who is interested in translating the key changes in our releases for We would love the help!