In poker variants with community cards such as Texas Hold'em or Omaha, the fourth community card is called the turn or 4th street.


In Seven Card Stud, a player's fourth card is also called turn or 4th street.

Rating the turn card in Texas Hold'em and Omaha

A turn card is called a blank if it is very unlikely that it helps any player. If a card is neither of high value nor completes a possible draw nor connects with the flop, it is a blank.
A turn card is being called a scare card, if there is a good chance that it helps a player. A scare card, for example, would be a third community card of a suit which enables a flush, or an ace after a harmless flop. Scare cards get their name because they have an intimidating effect. They can be used much more easily for a bluff than a blank, because it's more believable that these cards have helped someone.

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