A modern guide to playing the microstakes

If you have our free money and can't wait to get started, this guide to the microstakes is for you. It will help a complete newcomer play profitably right away.

Microstakes guide for No Limit


"The aim is that this series should serve as a complete strategy guide for getting started and achieving a positive winrate at microstakes 6-max games. It will cover all the essential basic topics, such as preflop strategy and use of a HUD. It also aims to shed fresh light on areas where commonly advised strategy is outdated. For example – modern understanding of blind defence, 3-betting strategy, and playing in 4-bet pots." ‒ w34z3l

Starting from scratch

For many of our players who are Black Members now earning five-figure amounts monthly, it all started back at the microstakes. How did they achieve success? Why didn't they give up early? For many it's because of our comprhensive guides to these levels. After studying them, players knew beforehand how to act in almost any possible situation.

Today w34z3l offers you his complete microstakes walkthrough for shorthanded tables. It is a modern version of the guides that helped so many of our members thrive:

  • Do you like structure in your education?
  • When learning poker from scratch, do you want to do it right?
  • Or maybe you've learned the basics but don't know what to do next?
  • You can't afford private coachings and lessons right now?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the "6-max Walkthrough" guide by w34z3l is for you!

Have we missed something?

Our video library contains many poker videos that will help you study the game. In the comments below, please share the videos you found helpful for beating microstakes, and we may include them in our future overviews!

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Comments (16)

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  • nguyenduccuong230690


  • grbell


    I have mostly played MTT & SnG so far as a starting player. I'm going to have a look at this series to have a more serious go at cash tables. Only comment I would make is to make the whole series available to silver. A couple are gold which is trickier for starting microstakes players to get to.
  • mute20


    Why do you put 2 videos up as gold status as the rest are silver only??? Seems counter intuitive to status block some of the series. I will be getting gold this month, but this kind of ridiculous .
  • MichFran


    One more to watch tomorrow. I'll be busy :)
  • lando1


    Is ther anything like that for full ring. I do not like 6 max.
  • Vitols666


    6-max is the way to go. Great series!
  • SvenBe


    @5: our new series from Rogier concentrates on microstakes, tough not so much on the theoretical aspects.
  • SvenBe


    oh, the link: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/34949
  • joey1toe


    What an amazing series it turned out to be, thanks for everything you're doing for the microstakes w34z3!l
  • blicax


    SvenBe but that serie its for FR not for 6max right?
  • blicax


    W34z3l, love ur series and ur feedback.. keep helping us .. tkx PS
  • imgoingtomirage


    #10 - yes, if you play shorthanded however, you can still benefit from his new series.
  • Prodigy237


    Great series :D
  • jmm88


    Thank you for the series :)
  • marecrocop


    thanks :)
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    thanks for tips mate.