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Learn how to extract the maximum when you are ahead on the river with this brand new series aimed at Fifth Street. coach W34z3l

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Today w34z3l is back with the first of several new series aimed at very important topics his students often struggle with. 

The first new series is called River Rockstar, which as the name suggests is all about getting max value when there are no more cards to come. 

In future videos he will look at bluffing the river and bluffcatching on the river, but today he looks at the subject of value betting, and in the video he will discuss:

  • Value betting in and out of position
  • River bet sizing considerations
  • The significance of underbetting on the river

Finally if you cannot get enough of our coach, join us this evening from 19:30 CEST where he will be playing live for free on Twitch.

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