Calling the ultimate poker Mastermind

Prove your super poker brain power in the fourth question of our ongoing poker quiz and you could win TaF cash and status upgrades.

Poker Mastermind We have reached the fourth question of Mastermind, our latest game in which you need to use or your intelligence to determine the answers and win prizes.

Five poker related logic problems of increasing difficulties await your answer in prepared threads and now it's time for question number four. Players have until the next question, in this case Q5, is posted to answer Q4 and points are awarded as follows:

  • First correct answer: 5 points
  • Second correct answer: 3 points
  • All other correct answers: 1 point

And for your efforts and undoubted genius, after all five questions answered correctly, you'll receive:

  • 1st place: $20 TaF plus one month's status upgrade
  • 2nd place: One month's tatus upgrade
  • 3rd place: One month's status upgrade

OK, ready?

Then, your fourth question thread is waiting for you here.

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