Develop the complete No Limit gameplan

Fill in your knowledge gaps and become a demon preflop and postflop with the next steps after our beginner's course.

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October 30, 19:00 CEST

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confidant91 is back with the next course to help develop your poker evolution. If you have recently done his beginner's course, or need a tune up, this is the one for you. 

Top Guns of No Limit fills in the gaps left by the beginner course to give you a complete gameplan. This will improve your preflop skills and give you the tools you need to thrive postflop. 

The course looks like this:

Join us tonight on Twitch, for free, before the recording of the video is made Silver. Tonight is the final session and it is all about tweaking your HUD to suit your new gameplan. 

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Comments (9)

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  • imgoingtomirage


    Forum thread in case you have questions:
  • Tim128


    This one will be nice to follow!
  • elvinkoh1


    I have played a lot NL Poker tournaments and I wasn't so lucky. I just don't have the patience for some players who are stalling!
  • Tim128


    It said it is free, but the video is silver+
  • Lazza61


    @4 It's free if you attend the live coaching. When it is released as a video, it will be Silver.
  • imgoingtomirage


    Exactly, participate in the coaching if you do not have the status :)
  • VorpalF2F


    These coaching sessions are superb. I learn something new every time.
    I love stealing, and look for tables with tight players on my left.
    Stealing is *so* profitable.

    Now if only those pesky people at the bank would stop calling the cops...

  • vlzvl


    today's stream got ripped or it was only me?
    and i had lots of super cool questions :(
    but superb job explaining + demonstrating
  • confidant91


    Internet connection broke up 15min before the end of session. If u have any questions feel free to ask them in feedback thread or next week thx.