Earn Strategy Points just for discussing poker

Earn Strategy Points while improving your game, by taking part in our forum discussions.

To begin with, you can earn five Strategy Points a day just for helping your fellow members with their hand discussions:

  • Go to our Strategy Section and find an interesting hand you would like to comment on
  • Post your thoughts and help other PokerStrategists
  • That's it! Come back tomorrow for another five Strategy Points
  • Doing this at least 20 times this month will earn you 100 StrategyPoints, which is enough to guarantee you Silver status

Earn Silver status by helping others

PokerStrategy.com poker forum
Reply your way to Silver status

In these forums you will find the hand discussions for your game type:

This promotion is for Bronze members or above and you only earn points when you reply to an existing post created by someone else. You don't get extra points for starting a post (But please do, to both help you learn and to give your forum friends a post to reply to). The five Strategy Points are awarded for your first reply every day and we reserve the right to exclude users who spam their way to the points.

Time to participate

Poker Meme

Here are a few examples of the big poker discussions you can participate in.

How easy is it to switch from full ring to six max, or vice versa, if you have been playing one format exclusively for two years? 

FrozenElf wants to know if it is ever a good idea to 4-bet bluff against a player who 3-bets a lot before the flop, but plays passive post flop? 

Finally Polezi wanted some advice on playing with bottom set on a very connected board

There are literally hundreds of poker discussions taking place right now, join one today!

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Comments (30)

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  • kriko92


    Great promotion, thank you for that! Can't play tracked...
  • miloskrstic


    Excellent promotion. I hope that it will launch a discussion between the players.
  • AApoKKer


    That's a good motivation for all the members to get involved.
  • MrPink578


    Another great promotion on a great site!
  • mathkid


    How long is this particular promotion going on as one of your mods told me that it may be possible to even achieve GOLD level status.
  • Lazza61


    @5. This is an ongoing promotion with no set end date. So there is a maximum of 155 SPs (31 x 5) that can be earned in a month which is Silver (100 SPs+). When combined with our bonus point promotion (10 SPs for every day you earn at least 1 SP on a tracked room), then it isn't hard to reach Gold status (Unfortunately as a US resident, this is not available to you. :( ).
  • Lazza61


    We also have ongoing forum promotions where you can win a staus upgrade. We have our 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' bankroll challenge which you can read about at https://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=325001 . There is also a Hand Discussion promo which you can check out at https://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=333642
  • speper


    hay i have one ticket rafal what to ,?
  • tonkata3333


    Great thank you for promotion
  • AgapieGheorghe


    Did this promotion ended ?
  • arttuzulu


    Disscussion is maybe a little bit more active. It seems that way anyway.
    ps. good promo AGAIN !
  • arttuzulu


    Haha this was old.. i was looking at news didn't realize that was last month. So yes did this promo end ?
  • Lazza61


    No. It's still going.
  • MrMardyBum


    Not a bad promo... Maybe I should be looking in the hand Eval forums more often.
  • cashmakeer


    Great promotion, thank you!
  • Geranson1980


    Hello pokerheads. I'm new to this site 5 seconds and b I've got a question for you. I've a big tournament tonight which is like the final table of playing for a year and building up points for chips. I only played a handful of times and my starting stack tonight is 40,000. The chipp leader going into tonight is 110,000 with me being lowest in chips. The blinds start at 100 -200 with 20min Levels. Can anyone tell me my best starting strategy/strategy?
  • Lazza61


    @17 Everyone is so deep that you should just play solid poker and try not to get involved in large pots in the early stages without being very strong.
  • 3nollogy


    nice promotion


    i cant get FREE cash bcuz i cant deposit i have no card or cash to deposit sorry guys i need some help
  • SaliSigua


    can i got money with party points who knows write on this article
  • Lazza61


    @22 StrategyPoints are not redeemable for cash.
  • manayao


    I prefer to learn on poker by doing it hand's on...
    Reading articles ,watching videos are simply gives you idea...
    Learning hand's on makes you..to think more critical......
  • JimmkCZ


    Earn Strategy Points just for discussing poker, is it still actually?
  • JimmkCZ


    btw I dont bluff is very good picture, thanks.
  • LilGj67


    Enjoy reading and watch. The vids.
    Playing a hand is all about the bluff. And blind luck
  • gamon76


    Great promotion, thank you!
  • cms81


    Just came across this promo sounds great, Thank you....
  • mjez1


    This post is from 2015. Is this promotion on again?
  • cms81


    @mjez1 Yes this promo is still running as i am getting the 5 points each day from it...
  • Marek933


    Nemůžu získat zdarma peníze bcuz i cant vklad nemám kartu nebo peníze na vklad líto kluci Potřebuju pomoc.TO NEVA