Evolve your Micro stakes decision making

We go from the basics to the very complex in this new series aimed at giving you the tools you need to become a Micro crusher.

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Theory/Live Play






November 21, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back with a new course aimed at taking you through the natural stages of Micro stakes poker and emerge out of the other side a tough regular. 

As the name suggests The Evolution of a Micro Grinder will gradually improve your thought process from NL5-NL25 with an emphasis on post flop play. 

The course looks like this:

  • November 14 - NL5: Monsters, garbage hands and charts
  • November 21 - NL10: Guessing our opponent's range
  • November 28 - NL16: What range are we representing?
  • December 5 - NL25: Range vs range, multi street planning and manipulating opponents

Tonight's webinar is all about a fundamental skill you need at every level of poker, how to put your opponent on a range. 

This is set to be a fun one and you can join in via the Twitch chat to find out more in the moment. Find out more in LemOn36's coaching thread.

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