How Norcsa79 is using SpinLegends to follow her dreams

Think every SpinLegends member is a guy in his 20s? Think again. Learn how Hungarian mom Norcsa79 is making a better life for her family.

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Norcsa79's graph before joining SpinLegends Your story is pretty inspiring, can you tell us about it?

Norcsa79: I was born in Szeged (a big city in Hungary) and lived there for 32 years. Five years ago I came to England with my 12 year old son, with only two suitcases, to make our dreams come true, to live a better life.

The beginning was very hard for me because my English was basic. I had a gardening job for three months then a job in a factory as a line worker (packing job), later as an operator, and last year the management gave me a chance to work in the office. Now I am working as a data processor in our IT department. In my opinion this is the furthest I can go in the company. When did you start playing poker?

Norcsa79: About 10 years ago. We went to a pub with some friends every Sunday, put some money in the middle of the table and played poker. Usually I didn’t win. I thought I was very good, but I wasn’t - typical beginners mistake. It was very easy to read my game, when I was betting, everyone knew that I had an Ace in my hand.

Then I registered on many sites and started to play a lot of freerolls, but I never won anything big. A few years later I found I took my first free bankroll on Mansion, but of course, I lost it. What games did you play before joining SpinLegends?

Norcsa79: I tried everything, but I realised that I don’t like tournaments, I prefer fast poker. In the last few months before I joined to SpinLegends I played NL2 Zoom.

"Poker is skill, not luck"

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And after joining SpinLegends! Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

Norcsa79: I found out about SpinLegends on the Pokerstrategy forum, and I was sure from the first minute that this was a project that suited me.

I was ready to invest my time and my effort, and they wanted to give me everything for improving my game. So it was an easy decision?

Norcsa79: Not exactly. I spoke with my partner and my son (he is 17 right now) about this, because I wanted to know their opinion. It was a bit hard with my partner because he found poker similar to roulette.

I tried to explain to him this is more similar to chess than roulette. This is a game of skill, not a game of luck. Then I showed him the interview with Alvaro, and said that he must read it. Next day he said “OK let’s do it”.

I was sure that I would start it anyway, but everything is much more easy when you know that your family supports you.

Until now only those two knew what I was doing, because my friends and the rest of my family think poker is a game of luck as well. I want to inform them when I'll be playing higher stakes, and then I'll show them that what I am doing is neither magic or luck. This is skill. What stakes do you play at SpinLegends? 

Norcsa79:  I started at $0.25 and now I am very close to playing $7 Spins. What is your preferred form of learning that SpinLegend's offers?

Norcsa79: I like the videos, but the most effective lesson for me was, when Adam (coffeeyay) analysed my game. That was very instructive. During the analyse I saw a things I couldn’t see by myself. I improved a lot after that one hand review. What has the community aspect been like?

Norcsa79: Yes, sometimes I chat with other members about our results, or just about our life. We are from different countries, from different cultures, but our goal is the same – to improve!

Being a part of the community is very important for me, because I like to work in a team and I am sure I couldn’t do this project alone. It’s so nice to see when your poker partners move up in stakes, because that means “if they can do it, I can do it as well”!

Work hard, and follow your dreams

Nora's Office
The Office What are your plans for the future?

Norcsa79: I would like to apply for an English citizenship next year, but I want to keep my Hungarian citizenship as well. What are your poker plans? What stakes do you want to play by the end of the year?

Norcsa79: $100 of course, but I have to learn and improve a lot to move up there. But I will not be disappointed if I am still playing at lower stakes at the end of this year. Do you want to be a poker pro/semi pro?

Norcsa79: Yes, but I have to be wary, because first of all I am a mom, so I can be a pro only when I feel my family is safe. Thank you for your answers, and good luck with following your dreams!

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