How to approach PKO SNGs

Join Collin Moshman for a free webinar as well as a deep dive into the ICM considerations of Progressive Knockout Sit & Go's. coach i

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Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman has two big contributions this week, with both a video and his weekly webinar. 

Silver+ members can enjoy a deep review of a PKO SNG, which are becoming very popular following the success of PKO MTTs but as yet are very far from solved. 

Our coach reviews all his hands in ICMIZER 2 which is the perfect hand review software for this format. 

PKOs provide us with some very unique ICM spots because as the game gets closer to the money some of the bounties are worth close to or more than a mincash, so as a result previously tight calls are open to debate. 

To finally get an idea on how to approach these games check out Collin's latest video right now. 

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A special guest on Twitch

As always Collin will be hosting his weekly free webinar on Twitch tonight from 21:30 CEST and his is joined by our member ghaleon who is a very helpful member of our MTT & SNG community.

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