How to do a post-session MTT review

You know you should be doing more to learn away from the tables and a review at the end of an MTT session is a big way to improve as a player.


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Today LuckyLukePS is back with a new video which will really help your ability to learn how to learn. 

Last week our editor Barry Carter wrote about how important self study was for a poker player.  

Today our coach shows you how to do just that, with a detailed guide on how to do a review at the end of your poker session. 

You will get a lot out of this even if you are not a tournament player like Luke. 

However, this is particularly geared towards MTT players and how to do a review at the end of a long grind, especially on Sundays where a deep run is very long. 

MTT regulars have a particular problem in that their sessions can be very long and as such there is a lot to process at the end of a session. However, if you forget to do your session review you risk being left behind as a player. 

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