How to do an effective hand review in half the time

Watch a Storm Hand Review in action so you can cut out the waste and get to working on the the most important leaks in your game. coach W34z3l

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Last month w34z3l offered one lucky member a free Storm Hand Review and the winner of that promotion was our Gold member DecMate.

To remind you, a Storm Hand Review is a super fast hand review where rather than spending 50 minutes on a single hand, our coach pick out all the significant pots from a session and gets to the most important lessons right away. 

This method exposes the student to a lot of scenarios which they will recognise next time they play and our coach believes this is the most efficient way for most players to review the hands in their database and fix the leaks in their game. 

So today you can see a Storm Hand Review in action, as our coach looks at a recent NL25 session played by DecMate and conducts the review in real time. Let us know if you like this video so we can potentially show more Storm Hand Reviews in the future. 

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