How to exploit population reads in practice

You may not know how a particular player is going to act but you can make informed decisions against the population at your stake. coach asimos

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Today asimos is back with a new video presenting a very important skill at midstakes cash - population reads. 

When you play against large player pools you will often play against players you have never encountered before. Population reads are observations about an entire player pool, so you can make a more informed decision playing against strangers. 

When you have a large sample of hands playing at a certain stake you have a big sample of data about the typical way that population plays in different spots. For example, maybe on average the players at NL25 don't reraise much on the turn?

In the first video our coach introduced you to the key theory and stats to learn this skill for yourself, today he is taking that theory to a live session to put it in practice at NL100 Zoom.

If you didn't know already asimos is a midstakes crusher and an experienced coach and if you want to learn more you can visit his blog, which is one of the most popular cash game blogs in our community forum. 

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