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Get an edge away from the table with these mental game tips to accelerate your learning process and become an efficient student. coach

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Today we are back with Mindset Coach whys0serious and a new video to help you learn how to learn. 

After his first video on Time Management and his second video about Tilt, he now turns his attention towards learning and achieving your goals much faster.

There is a lot of valuable poker content out there but you also need a strategy for how to digest it all. Finding an edge is about how you study as well as at the tables. 

Using some theory from Jared Tendler's The Mental Game of Poker as well as a lot of his own advice, he covers:

  • The Adult Learning model
  • Jared Tendler's 'Inchworm' theory of progress
  • How the brain works
  • Focus
  • Further reading
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  • elvinkoh1


    Thank you very much for this video! It was very useful! I'll try to apply these principles and techniques on my gameplay.