Introducing our new high roller coach TruffleBoy

Our latest addition to the coaching team at is a regular competitor at limits up to NL5k. Here's his first video and interview for us!

shark pool high roller nl200 review
In the shark tank

In order to properly introduce our newest coach TruffleBoy, we've made his review video of a session at two NL200 tables available for Basic status and free for everyone.

Usually, TruffleBoy's standard limits are NL400 to NL600, however, whenever there's profitable action going on he can also be found playing on the very highest limits up to NL5k.

Additionally, we've had the chance to conduct a brief interview with him, introducing him to the community.

Meet TruffleBoy

High Roller TruffleBoy reviewing a special session on NL200 Hi TruffleBoy! We're delighted that you've not only agreed to deliver new high quality content for our community but also agreed to a brief interview in order to enable our users get to know you better. So first things first, how did you start out in poker?

shark pool high roller nl200 review
An almost swingless graph of more than 300,000 hands

TruffleBoy: Hey everyone at! Honestly, I more or less stumbled upon poker by accident. Like a lot of people, I was first introduced to the game by watching events on TV. Shortly after, people in my clique started playing it live. I then started playing quite a lot online as well, basically any format that was available at the time. Back then, poker was just another entertaining game for me, with the added excitement of playing for real money, though.

And even though I was just playing for cents, I got really excited in important spots. I was quite happy that I found a game that's not just designed to favour the casino in the long run. Instead you're competing with other players and actually have a chance of winning. After lots of hard work, I'm now playing NL400 and upwards on several different sites. What's the perfect balance in poker for you? What are you doing in order to relax from the stress at the felt?

TruffleBoy: When I'm not playing, I usually enjoy watching TV series or working out in the gym. I'm trying to do that at least once or twice per week, but naturally, I don't quite get there all the time. Apart from that, I also enjoy spending time with my friends.

"One of the biggest leaks is autopilot"

shark pool high roller nl200 review
Quite a lot more variance: 30,000 hands on NL1k to NL5k Which specific leak do you notice most often when playing against regulars at your standard limits?

TruffleBoy: I think one of the biggest flaws in their game is switching to the autopilot too quickly. Though I have to admit that I'm prone to do that as well. Last question: Would you rather have the power to fly but only when being completely naked or the power to teleport yourself every 24 hours for a maximum of 200km?

TruffleBoy: Haha, that's a good question! I think I would make that conditional on the speed I would be able to fly with, but I'm pretty sure I would pick that choice.

To deal with the nakedness, you could set up some sort of wardrobe at your landing location. In comparison, teleporting only 200km is just not far enough.

Well known critics

thought process

In his first coaching video, TruffleBoy primarily wants to show people how to avoid the mentioned autopilot spots since there are also a lot of weaker opponents out there who are not willing to just throw money at you.

Therefore, especially when multitabling at higher limits, we should always make sure that we're adapting our game accordingly to the spots in question. What may work against other regulars won't necessarily work against a recreational player at the table.

One more interesting fact about TruffleBoy is that his nickname is not the name he's known for in the community. For the time being, he would like to keep it that way and stay incognito, but none other than community legend Siete777 is vouching for our latest addition to the coaching team:


"I've got to know him at one or two poker boot camps, several trips to Vegas and some Black Member parties.

In the past, we've spent a lot of time together at the tables at partypoker and PokerStars.

He always had very solid stats, good frequencies and generally a very strong approach. We've had a lot of theoretical discussions and an endless amount of hand analyses that were always on a very high level, also thanks to his well structured ideas."

Uri Peleg, a true veteran at the cash game tables, who was able to climb the stakes in astonishingly quick fashion in 2010, is also friends with TruffleBoy and vouches for him:

Uri Peleg
Uri Peleg

"He's a good friend and a very strong poker player. Just this last year we've discussed poker theory and hands for more than 100 hours together.

Since I know the level of self reflection he's capable of and how he approaches analysing hands, I'm very confident that he will be a great coach. He's a really strong player and is lucky to add him to the current coaching team."

With that said, we hope everyone enjoys the first video of TruffleBoy and we're looking forward to lots of more high-quality content from him in the near future!

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  • KTU


    Talked to him. Great guy. Really great.