Is the Villain threatening enough?

You tell us as we poll you on another hand of the week.

This week’s hand was played in a €10 tournament against a seemingly loose-aggressive player.

Our Hero faces a small steal raise from the Button on the Big Blind. We could argue that calling preflop is incorrect considering the effective stack, no initiative or position on the Villain plus our marginal holding. Yet again, fold would be boring and there would be nothing to discuss. Wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, our Hero seems pretty confident in his postflop skills plus there are good pot odds to sweeten the deal.

Poker Hand

We hit it nice on the Flop with our two pair and decide to check, trusting the Villain's aggressiveness to do the job for us. But he has his own ideas on how to play in this spot, so he checks back. The Jack on the Turn may introduce some complications for Hero's hand but it's not like he can delay value betting any longer. So, he bets and receives a call.

Now, we finally get down to the action. With no active resistance from the opponent's side, it's an obvious value bet. Again, we could argue for a bigger size, but maybe our Hero was intentionally representing a block bet to induce some aggression from the Villain, and in this regard, it was a success. But what if this was not intended and now we have a lot to fear? Well, that's where you come in...

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Again, we have three options for you to choose from. The Villain's raise points at a polarised range which may include pure bluffs as well as better holdings like QT or KJ that decided to take it slow on a rainbow-themed board. Sets may also fit this pattern. But what about marginal hands turned into a bluff? Do we have enough equity against his possible range? Can we justify a shove? Is folding an option? Of course it is, who are we kidding?

Last week's results

Last time out, we presented you another 3-way poll. This time we had rather interesting results across the total of 624 votes. The winner is not so clear, although four communities gave most votes for check/fold, two of them favoured the shove, and one particularly liked a smaller bet. There were also equal splits on different variants.

In terms of bigger numbers, 50% voted for the shove in our English and Spanish communities, while the check/fold line gained the most supporters in Hungary (47%). As for a smaller bet, the top results were equal in our Portuguese community and in Italy (37%).

Let's find out what our colleagues from SpinLegends think:

"When we get some good equity on the Turn, our game plan is to barrel as semi-bluff because we don't want to check/fold that much equity. Obviously, using it as a bluff catcher is not a good idea. With the Ace on the River, we can bluff because our fold equity is very high against 3x, 6x and 7x. We block some of the Villain's straight draws and even have some fold equity against Qx. If we decide to bluff, we should jam our whole stack in."
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