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Our coach is joined by 'confidant92' to see whether ABC poker is betting than advanced GTO at the micro stakes.

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March 6, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back with an important new series aimed at getting you to the next level in your poker evolution.

Beginner vs Pro takes our No Limit Beginner strategy and directly contrasts it with a more advanced strategy for professional players. Each week our coach takes the advanced strategy to the small stakes tables to see whether it works better than the advice we give to new players. 

The series schedule looks like this:

  • Week 1: A recap of the basic beginner strategy which is then compared live at the tables to an advanced strategy
  • Week 2: The same thing but with the emphasis on the advanced strategy
  • Week 3: Bonus episode - it's LemOn36's birthday

This week our coach celebrates his birthday and is joined by confidant91 the creator of the beginner's course, to really see if advanced strategy is better than a basic beginner approach.  

Find out more and ask questions at LemOn36's coaching thread.

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