Microstakes Maniacs

Win more pots, or at least have more fun, at the small stakes by being the craziest player at the table.

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October 24, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back from his holidays but he is still in a fun mood, so his new course is all about getting crazy. 

As the name suggests, Microstakes Maniacs is a laid back series where our coach plays like a lunatic so you don't have to. You may well learn something, but we warn the feint hearted - do not try this at home!

The course looks like this:

This week our coach puts everything we have seen into action with a live session fit for maniacs. 

This is set to be a fun one and you can join in via the Twitch chat to find out more in the moment. Find out more in LemOn36's coaching thread.

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Comments (4)

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  • LemOn36


    Time for some Big Blind madness
    After a brief GIF History of Big Blind defense!
    See you tonight
  • imgoingtomirage


    The third event starts today!
  • imgoingtomirage


    Today is the last chance to see the Maniac side of LemOn36 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • LemOn36


    Aww yeah
    Also there's a slight change in the plan
    Instead of yours truly going all loose randomly
    It will be you - the folks in the chat who will decide when to turn on the craziness!