New pzhon video - Folding War Basics

Today we bring to you a new Sit and Go video where Douglas "pzhon" Zare presents to you the basic concepts behind Folding Wars and how you can win at them.

Folding War Basics

pzhon's latest video talks about the situation where 2 players have equal stacks, are close to the money and are trying to outlast each other. This is what is called a Folding War.

The video explains what is a folding war, how to win at folding wars and also talks about risk aversion in a folding war scenario

The video then looks at how you should play with a big stack against a short stack or against other big stacks. Finally, there is also a discussion about pushes from the small blind.

Watch the video now (Silber Silver Status)

The producer
The video
Producer: pzhon
Table type: Full ring Sit and Go
Video length:23 min.
Status: Silber Silver

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  • SvenBe


    Enjoy the video!