SpinLegends players can now get EV Insurance

No more bad beats if you are a SpinLegends player as you get the payout you deserve every month.

Spin Go Staking

There are a lot of benefits to being staked in a stable like SpinLegends including the bankroll, the coaching, structured learning and the ability to move up stakes faster. 

Now you can add reduced variance to that, as eligible SpinLegends players can apply for EV Insurance. This is where you get paid based on your cEV rather than your cash results, so for example:

  • You are running bad. You lost $1,000, but your $EV is $2,500. We send you $3,375. This includes a 5% fee, $2,500 * 5% = $125. Now, we can split $2,375 according to your normal deal. You don't get any reloads, of course.
  • You are running hot. You won $4,500, but your $EV is $2,500. You send us $2,000 and we split $2,500 according to your deal. No fees in this case.
  • Top jackpots (120x, 240x and 12000x) are not included in the insurance. In case you win $6,000 on $30s and you have a EV of $2,400 for the month, we split the 6k straight away to your normal deal. The other spins we calculate as in the examples above. This means the EV insurance has a slightly higher effective rake: 6.94% on 30s, instead of 6% and 5,94% vs 5% on 60s+, which is not a real rake increase as you still have your jackpot Spins separately.

ev insurance

Real world examples

This is how it would have worked for two players currently at SpinLegends:

  • You have an cEV of 52 at $30s and you play 3,300 Spins/month. You are generating $2,700 with our insurance + $1,020 in EV in jackpots, which stay high variance. Let's say you are playing on a 50% deal. You can cashout $1,350 guaranteed plus half your jackpot winnings.
  • You are grinding $100s with 43 cEV and 2,900 games / month. You are generating $6,000 with our EV insurance + $2,800 in EV in jackpots. With a 50% deal, you can cash out $3,000 guaranteed plus half your jackpot winnings.

In both cases you can keep your rakeback on top as you are playing 1,500 games with >2% EVRoi.

This is not a mandatory new arrangement, it has to be agreed every month between SpinLegends and the players. It is open to players who play $30 Spins or above, average 1,500 games a month and has a minimum cEV requirement based on your current stake. 

We can't take the luck out of poker (nor would we want to because it would no longer be profitable) but we can reward consistency and reduce variance for our hardest working players. 

Thinking about getting staked?

If you want to reduce your variance, or just get free staking and coaching from some of the biggest experts in the game, visit SpinLegends today.

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Comments (8)

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  • kamil13151


    What in case if I won $1000, but my $EV is $2500, do I have to pay a 5% fee?
  • KTU


    hey, yes. Fee is paid every time the player gets money from us in the end of the month.
  • Constantin11


    but the fee applies only to the $1,5k that you are under, if I understood correctly, right?
  • KTU


    In this case it is calculated on your EV profit.

    In the worst case:
    Your winnings $2400 and your EV is $2500.

    Here we would just split your winnings according to your deal. The fee would be $125, but we would only take $100 to not make you sending us money while you are running below EV.
  • SpinForTheWin


    People don't believe in these stupid things. It’s all pie in the sky. If they change their mind, you will have to pay extra. Bulshit!!111
  • KTU


  • pokerboy198229


    Wait a second: I have to send won money bad because im running hot. Well it's very tricky. If i shove with 15BB from SB with Ax suited vs open BTN and he calls with AK and I win. Does it count for running hot? I dont think I made a bad decision at all?
  • samni


    You run 70% hot then :-) interesting deal and people taking poker seriously long-term to go professional should really consider this. It is tricky though if you are a rec.