The 2017 micro beginner strategy

Brush up on the fundamentals of crushing micro stakes poker with this updated course live on Twitch.

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September 11, 19:00 CEST

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confidant91 created our very first beginner course which has helped hundreds of you become solid players. He returns this week with a new eight week course for new players (and established ones looking to brush up on their fundamentals) who are ready to crush in 2017. 

Our coach updated his own beginner course after doing several micro stakes challenges, so the new lessons reflect modern micro stakes. 

The course looks like this:

Join us tonight on Twitch, for free, with a live play session bringing all the lessons so far together. If you miss a session, do not worry, it will be recorded and appear in our video section soon enough. Visit confidant91's coaching thread for more details. 

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  • DonQuishove


    Really cool course, you should check it out!