The SpinLegends mindset

Whether you play Spins or any other format, you can learn from these mantras we share with our SpinLegends staked players.

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1. It’s your time, use it wisely

You make decisions all the time. The quality of your decisions defines your destiny in poker and in life. You can waste your time on Instagram, FaceBook or you can calculate the EV of a c-betting strategy on the flop. Think about time as a precious resource. Fight distraction and use your day.

2. Work hard. The only easy day was yesterday.

EV in poker is generated through volume and skill. Both require hard work. You need to learn to spend time on the necessary activities that you don’t like. Success in poker relies on a professional attitude. It’s not Plants vs Zombies 2!

Beware the future

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3. Make money now!

You can make money with poker now, but it will get harder over time. If you need 3,000 hours to make $85,000 now, you might need 8,000 hours in two years to achieve exactly the same goal.

4. It’s one big session. Don't get frustrated over short term swings!

There is a lot of variance in poker. Even after 2,000 games your cEV can be off by 15 chips in both directions. Give yourself feedback based only on long term results and see how your cEV improves every 3,000 games. Don't waste energy on feeling sorry for yourself because your Aces lost to 96s.

99% perspiration

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5. There is always something to learn and improve

Upswings and steady results can harm your game. You can be proud of your results, but there is always room for improvement. Don’t feel too happy about your game. Think about the history of poker. Which of the winning players from 2009 is making money with their strategies today? Think about your poker game as a system that gets more and more robust and sophisticated over time. However, there is always work to do and every strategy can be improved at least a little bit. Entitlement is dangerous. Improve your game every day.

6. You are part of a elite poker school

SpinLegends offers you exclusive content and connects you to a group of likeminded players. It only works, in case you make use of it. Attend coachings and ask questions. Learning poker is done best with other players. You might have some wrong ideas about certain spots and it will help you a great deal to see other perspectives to find these dark spots.

7. Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration

Having great ideas and being super motivated usually helps in the first three weeks. But after that you should have your routines and self management in place to keep yourself going.

Learn from setbacks

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8. Setbacks are opportunities

Being stuck or having a huge downswing can be very frustrating. It’s important to understand that all successful players went through this at one point in their career. It might be frustrating now, but if you keep working hard, your upswings will be bigger than your downswings.

9. Make sure you play at least A- or B-game

Tilt and C-game can cost you hard earned money. Make sure you don’t play too long sessions, that you only play when you have energy and that you stick to your break routines. Plan ahead to make sure you get your volume in without getting the job done in one 21h session by the end of the month.

Reward yourself

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10. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Be honest with yourself. Nobody's perfect and that’s completely fine. Just make sure that you are aware of your weaknesses and take measures to prevent them from costing you money!

11. Reward yourself

In the long run, you will only function if you reward yourself from time to time. Balance is the key. Sometimes it is hard to say if “I’m not playing today, because I had a hard day already” is an excuse or just true. To avoid to make these decisions in the moment, plan your rewards and days off in advance. 

Thinking about getting staked?

If you want to learn more about Spin & Go’s and how to get free staking and coaching from some of the biggest experts in the game, visit SpinLegends today.

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