The Ultimate No Limit Crash Course

We present the complete new starter pack by w34z3l that brings you 10 of the most fundamental skillsets you need in 2019.

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Playing In Position As Aggressor

First and foremost we have raised it up and have favourable postion

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Playing Out Of Position As Aggressor

The tricky spot where we have taken the initiative but have less info

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Playing Out Of Position As Cold-Caller

We have no initiative and we have to act first

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Playing In Position As Cold Caller

We took the passive line but we do get to act last

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Bluffcatching Decisions

When our best option is to induce a bluff 

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Preflop Scenarios

Master the early stage of a poker hand

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3-Bet Pots

The dynamic changes when one of you reraises

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4-Bet Pots

How to play those all or nothing pots with big hands

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Multiway Pots

Tricky to play but potentially very profitable

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Advanced Lines

Once you master the basics, the next stage of your evolution

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  • JimmkCZ


    new starter pack by w34z3l thanks, good videos a great chance
  • cms81


    Thanks for the new content in these videos w34zel
  • CptJokerFish


  • Pokerruudje


    Is this the last video from w34z3l for Pokerstrategy?

    Good stuff by the waY
  • w34z3l


    It might be.....maybe I have one more series in me....time will tell.....
  • modeob


    Gold in next days.... i will be so happy :D
  • modeob


    The best series ever seen!!!! I think only left a series like this but to preflop games... and pokerstrategis people will have all to be a excelente poker player!!!

    PLs w34z3l pre flop game!!!!