The best of our Redline Ninja Robmaf

Some of the best videos and an exclusive offer from our high stakes poker expert and coach Robmaf.

Our mid-high stakes poker coach Robmaf has been a professional for almost ten years. Starting at NL10 he got all the way to NL5000 (graph) and most recently was a regular at NL1000 six max. We currently have a special offer on his Redline Ninja course but you can also check out his best videos for below:

robmaf pokerstrategy

Redline Ninja Introduction

With this course you will improve knowledge and awareness of the red line, you will increase your earnings and become dangerous for your opponents

get out of the micros

Redline ideas players miss

Our redline specialist comes with a video about ideas most of you might have missed where it comes to getting more non-showdown winnings. 

robmaf pokerstrategy

Use stats to exploit leaks

Learn how to exploit even more leaks by using less common statistics that most regulars ignore. 


Using stats effectively

In this video our coach shows in practice, how to read and use statistics more effectively.

10% off Robmaf's Redline Ninja Course

The presale price of this course is €447 (instead of €547) but if you sign up via and use code ps in the cart you can get an additional 10% off:

redline ninja

You can also pay direct using Skrill, NETELLER or PayPal.

If you have any questions you can post them in the comments below, Robmaf will be along later to answer them.

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Funny , i was talking about that famous red line in a post on my blog today before to see that article. I wonder if the same can be applied to Turbo SNGs at the lowest micros. Would like to hear about Robmaf's opinion on the subject
  • JimmkCZ


    its great pay direct using Skrill, NETELLER or PayPal.