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We have a new video and interview from stats expert and poker coach Robmaf.

Robmaf poker coach

Your new video is your second one about HUD stats, (Part 1 here), but do you ever play without a HUD?

Robmaf: Yes, as a standard training session. Two tables, 30-45 minutes. I focus on different things playing without a HUD. I focus much more on ranges, perceived ranges, getting reads and I observe my opponents much closer. Playing without a HUD will give you a great advantage playing live games as well as understanding players on much deeper level (if you take it seriously and be aware it is a part of your regular training). I advise you to record these sessions, to take notes about things you've started to be aware of and about your thoughts during hands.

Can players ever become over reliant on their HUD?

Robmaf: Sure, they can. To fix it they will need to improve their range reading skills. 

You can teach a monkey to read stats. You can imagine results. If you think of a player who is perfect in reading ranges and making notes, making reads... is it hard to believe he will crush? Ok, if we have this picture, now imagine a player who is a great range reader and great stats reader. Will anybody be able to stop him?

"I'm retiring" coach

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Looking at your HUD there is a lot to learn and memorise, how do you advise players avoid getting overwhelmed by their HUD?

Robmaf: Yes, I agree. I have tons of information. I advise players to have two different HUDs. One for analysis (very detailed) and one to make quick correct decisions. You will need to work with both.

Which stats do most players misuse?

Robmaf: PFR, WSD, flop CB, turn CB. I am not really sure. I think the main problem is people don't analyse their opponents. The problem is not in a HUD or overusing some stats. The bigger problem is that players can't add one stat to another and use the result of multi-stat reading to make a correct decision.

And which ones do most ignore, but are very useful?

Robmaf: WWSF, afq river, won when raise cb F/T/R, bet-fold R.....omg there are plenty! In my course about RedLine Ninja I've shown whole procedure of making a decision to plan a hand and to implement it right away.

Speaking of RedLine Ninja, what’s that all about?

Robmaf: Before I answer his question. I want to tell you I am retiring from poker very soon. I made this decision some time ago. It has changed everything! First, I have decided I can share ALL my knowledge I have about the redline - there is completely no reason to keep anything secret as other coaches often do, being frightened that other players will punish them for that.

Second, I have noticed there is no other competitive product like that on the market. This knowledge is super valuable and I can't really imagine best players will share it. For years I have been known as a redline specialist and RedLine Ninja will be my legacy to the other players who can use it into their favour.

My goal here is to give other players who will buy my course tools to become extremely dangerous on the tables.

Thanks and good luck in your retirement, we hope it is as successful as Fedor Holz’s.

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  • nsavov


    When I play live I always bring a mask with TAG stats so people know not to mess with me. And when I get aces I quickly switch it with a LAG mask while others look at their cards.
    Works like a charm