Watch real time final table thoughts in a Zoom MTT

Our coach had the cameras rolling at a Zoom final table so you can see what goes on in the mind of an MTT crusher with no filter. coach i

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Our new HUSNG and MTT coach honigmund38 returns with another live MTT session where you get to see his decisions in real time. 

Our coach made the final table of a six handed $11 Zoom tournament and he recorded the whole thing live. No calculations made after the fact here, you get to see his thought processes as they happened. 

Zoom tournaments in particular are interesting because you don't develop reads in the same way because you are constantly switching tables, until the finale where all of a sudden you have to readjust to being in the same seat against the same players. 

Stay tuned for more videos from our coach who is both a tournament and a HUSNG expert. Check out some of his other recent videos on each topic below:

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