What to expect at NL50

Today our coach shows you the adjustments needed at this level, which is where the money really starts to mean something.

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Today asimos is back with a new series which aims to get you from a micro stakes grinder to a mid stakes crusher. 

Through the Stakes will see our coach take you through NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100 and finally NL200.

For each level there will be two videos. A live play video where our coach gives us the lay of the land, followed by a research video where he reviews key hands, points out common leaks at these levels as well as the adjustments you should be making. 

If you didn't know already asimos is a Zoom crusher who plays NL100 and NL200, but will soon be making the jump to NL500 Zoom. 

He is an experienced coach and if you want to learn more you can visit his blog, which is one of the most popular cash game blogs in our community forum. 

Today's video is the first part of his NL50 guide. He starts by making a live play video where he shows you what to expect from the regulars in these games and the adjustments you will have to make. 

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