Win prizes for mastering the fundamentals

These are the odds, probabilities and equities you NEED to understand to be a great player, and we have Status Upgrades if you can master them.

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November 5, 20:00 CEST

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You have three weeks to win one of three prizes while at the same time getting awesome at the basics of poker.

Our No Limit expert LemOn36 has three weeks free on Twitch where he will be discussing some of the most fundamental odds and equities you need to know automatically at the table. 

It ends with a quiz at the end of every webinar (and an Equity Guessing Championship at the end of the series) for you to win prizes. The full course looks like this:

  • October 22: Odds and Implied Odds (recording)
  • October 29: Probability of Hitting Outs (recording)
  • November 5: Equity vs Range and the Championship Finale

The top three players at the end of the course quizzes will win a Status Upgrade, with the eventual champion getting two months of upgrades. 

Find out more and ask questions at LemOn36's official thread

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  • CucumbaMan


    That's a great idea! Looking forward to this one!
  • CucumbaMan


    The last was a lot of fun, gonna try to join earlier this time.
  • danneggiasta


    Great thanks a lot