Get an Extra 10 StrategyPoints a Day and Move Up the Ranks

Now that the new status system is in full swing, we want to remind you that our StrategyPoints promotion is still going on. For motivation to play daily, we're giving you an extra 10 StrategyPoints a day so that you can reach the next status quicker.

Details of the promotion:


  • Every day you earn at least 1 StrategyPoint, we credit you with another 10 Bonus Points
  • These points fully count towards your member status
  • The bonus points do not count for the Top250 promotion, Tell-A-Friend or other monetary incentives

With this promotion, you will be able to earn up to 310 extra StrategyPoints per month - making it extremely easy to reach Silver and even Gold status.

The new status system

We have now switched to a monthly-based system. As soon as you reach enough points for a status, you do not just keep it for this month, but also for the coming month.

Example: Between June 1 and 15, you earn 100 StrategyPoints. This means that you will be ranked Silver until at least July 31. Remember that to keep your Silver status in August, you would need to again earn 100 points in July.

Here's how the new status system looks like: New Status System
    Silver Silver Gold Gold Platinum Platinum Diamond Diamond Timespan
    Old Requirements 100 800 3,000 7,500 28 Days
    New Requirements 100 500
    7,500 Month

For more details about our new status system, visit our previous news.

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Comments (31)

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  • ber77c


    y have i not recieved my bonus points yet
  • kefirs


    Nice site ,...
  • frode123456789


  • talipoiss1


  • pripises87


    so in ~2months u can get gold? or what?
  • vuckom1


    I think lowered requirements+extra points makes the whole ranking idea pointless for the most. I know you just want to make us happy, though. :)
  • frode123456789


  • munaa777


  • anssart


    awesome :)
  • Promise1


    Why I didnt recieve extra points today?
  • anssart


    I too...
  • dew007


  • anssart


    I not recieved my bonus points yet
  • Pouserly2


    i too
  • Lazovic


    What is points?
  • HelliOSError


    nice nice :)
  • cooper12345


  • marteevilla


    is this promo still valid? i dont think im getting bonus points at all despite playing everyday and getting at least 20pts a day.
  • Xantos


    Hey marteevilla,

    it's still active. Check with our customer service if you think something's wrong:

  • azeemvj


    how can i earn a point?
  • kapamarou


    nice site
  • hanvohan8899


    I think lowered requirements+extra points makes the whole ranking idea pointless for the most. Yes.
  • DarkySharky


  • warumm


    great promotion! thanks!
  • staktas


    I'm not whining or something, just curious. On 8th November I earned not 1 but 0.99 SP, but still got my extra 10 for that day. Changed rules or something?
  • AtsipOtes


  • Jimpytheoriginal


    is this offer still active
  • Xantos


    Yep! :)
  • stefano310393


    any 1 play william hill poker ?
  • sanste


    this offer still active and if so how do you register
    as i have not had any extra points
  • OnkelHotte


    @30: It is still active and you do not have to register. The points appear as bonus points on home in the table on the bottom in the category