PokerStrategy & Titan Poker: Summer Time Bonus

In July and August, PokerStrategy & Titan Poker are offering you a unique event: For playing poker in the Summer Time promotion you'll receive an unlimited VIP bonus! *Update for the specific bonus conditions*

Don't deposit, just play!

Reload bonuses are a thing of the past for now - now you simply have to play and you'll receive a VIP bonus for it in July and August.

For each $25 rake you receive a $10 bonus.

This offer is limited in time and is exclusive to PokerStrategy members at Titan Poker, the biggest skin of the iPoker Network.

$10 for each $25 Rake - for every PokerStrategist

Even as a casual player with e.g. $200 in generated rake per month, you'll receive an $80 VIP bonus during the Summer Time Promotion in July and August. Thus you'll earn considerably more than with the regular bonuses or the previous special reloads.

The high volume players will benefit even more from this event: Instead of clearing the limited reloads as usual, they are now able to collect without a limit and gather bonus dollars.

As this promotion is like a continuous bonus, you won't be able to use either the first deposit bonus nor the further reload bonuses at Titan Poker as a PokerStrategy player. But as already mentioned before, the Summer Time Bonus offer itself is already worth considerably more.

Of course you can still participate in the regular Titan Poker VIP Races and grab the victory again for the PokerStrategy community.


Here the detailed bonus information:

  1. The Summer Time Bonus will be transfered to your account once a week.
  2. You can continue clearing existing bonuses and use your Titan Poker Loyalty bonus. These bonuses will then be subtrackted from your Summer Time bonus. (Negative amounts will not be subtracted!)
  3. You need to produce at least $25 rake/fee to receive a Summer Time bonus.
  4. You will never receive less bonus with this system than you received before.
If you produced $250 of rake for example, you would receive $100 Summer Time Bonus.

If you are still clearing the old First Deposit Bonus, then you would already have received $70 bonus via generating $250 rake. These $70 will thus be subtracted from the Summer Time Bonus, so you will still receive a further $30.

So due to the Summer Time Bonus every PokerStrategist receives at least $10 bonus for each $25 rake.


You don't have a Titan Poker account yet?

To be able to use the Summer Time Bonus offer you will need a created (or re-tracked) account at Titan Poker via PokerStrategy:

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Comments (16)

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  • opal99


    wow! 40% rake-back means no summer vacation this year :D

    just 2 questions:
    1. Do I have to apply for this promotion or not?
    2. What if I have active "1st deposit bonus"? Will I be able to participate in this promotion after I clear it?
  • sismis


    salute to titan poker
  • ciRith


    Wah why now? ;)

    Nice promotion. :)
  • liu0171


    anyone know how does the bonus being released?
  • slikec


    Hoho :D Lovely. Looks like i will play at Titan at least 2 months more ;)
  • finchybg


    bonus is a nice deal 40% rakeback :)
  • ManniXXX


    #2 @ #1

    How is the 1st deposit effected by this? Does it just stop running for the 2 months and then start again at the end of august?
  • opal99


    ManniXXX: I asked their support and it was told me that we're participating in it automatically since 01-July and 1st deposit bonus won't be cancelled, so it looks like you will play for it after this promotion is over.
  • slikec


    It doesn't work for me:( I opened thread:
  • liu0171


    i asked their support and they told me they got no idea about this...
  • SoyCD


    Hi guys I will hopefully expand the detailed information about this promotion during the course of the day
  • Agiz19


    does it work yet
  • Shudi


    After receiving the info from my email from poker strategy,I tried to accept and try a game or two at Titan Poker, but they won't allow me to register.
  • DEVILazas


    read thread slikec started, there is all explained. Loyality, reload bonuses are subtracted from this bonus and You only start getting bonus after You will collect $25 of rake or smth
  • welcom2dafridge


    someone PLEASE explain to me....
    i have deposited and i want to know where my 200% bonus is!
  • jericca


    i just did the quiz at poker strategy, and i didn't get my 50, how come?