Another weight lifting prop bet

We recap some stories you may have missed including a poker prop bet, a poker wrestling injury and Pleno1 tilts the Super High Rollers.

Poker bench press prop bet

Earlier this month Poker Night In America hosted a Ladies Night cash game featuring some of the best female players in the US right now, and like any other cash game it devolved into prop bets pretty quickly. 

The big one being a $2,000 bench press prop bet between Danielle Andersen and Lily Kiletto, set to take place next month. Andersen looks like the favourite if you have seen her workout pictures on Instagram, but Kiletto (who said she has never done a bench press before) claims to be able to squat 300 lbs, so is assuming she can transfer that strength to her upper body:

Poker wrestling injury

If that prop bet inspires you, just a quick reminder that poker players are a funny breed who risk injury all the time needlessly. 

Exhibit A is Dan Smith, Super High Roller King and amateur wrestler, who last week injured himself wrestling with a friend:

Pleno1 tilts the Super High Rollers

If you follow our very own Pleno1 on Twitter you'll know he often sparks interesting debates and last week he did just that, suggesting that the skill difference between $50 MTT players and Super High Rollers is not that wide:

He went on to explain why more online players do not play the live nosebleed events:

If you look at the comments in his replies you'll see a variety of responses from high stakes players, both agreeing and disagreeing with them. It's important to note he didn't say the $50 online regulars were better, just that the skill level as you move up stakes does not increase by the same scale as the buy-in.

Kevin was robbed

Finally, poker scenes in TV shows never really work when you understand the game, but the poker event in the US version of The Office was clearly written by a poker fan. That said, the hand between Kevin and Phyllis never felt quite right and now we know why:

Who would you pick to teach a masterclass in poker? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Nice article. For a masterclass i would pick Pleno1.
    I often hear about skill difference between stakes ... it might be true sometimes but i don't think there is a huge gap , it's more a psychological effect. With a good BRM and if you put a correct volume you can probably overcome it. Well it's just a personal opinion and i will soon enough check if i'm right i guess.
  • OldSchoolPapa


    Thinking about it for a Sng masterclass i would more likely pick CollinMoshman. I like the way he explain things and also the different way can play a hand in a situation.