Chris Ferguson issues apology to the poker community

Seven years after the Black Friday Full Tilt Scandal, Chris Ferguson has finally issued a (short) apology for his role in it.

Despite re-emerging for two years in a row at the World Series of Poker and winning Player of the Year last year, former Full Tilt Founder Chris Ferguson has never spoke publically about his part in the Black Friday scandal, until now. 

Last night Ferguson released a 42 second video apologising for what happened in 2011:

It has shades of Howard Lederer's apology in 2016, both of which came just before the World Series of Poker and both of which seem designed to mitigate public antagonism before they started playing in Vegas.  

Naturally his has been met by skepticism by the poker community:

However, once again, Phil Hellmuth has chosen to be one of the few voices of support for Chris:

Either way, it does seem clear we will be seeing Ferguson defending his POY title starting next week in Vegas.

Thoughts on this apology? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (7)

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  • Agiz19


    this Daniel should really just shut the fuck up
  • Andreas


    Tat "whole truth" BS sounds fun :)
  • imgoingtomirage


    Looks like he didn't really want or care to make any statements (7 years lol), but he had to because he was forced by perhaps a court order or some other deal? He wants to have a clear conscience which is pretty selfish in my opinion. This doesn't help anybody but him.
  • Andreas


    "I want to play the WSOP this year again, so please refrain from harrassing me this time. I said I'm sorry!" xDD
  • SDK1987


    Better late than never I guess, but not sure he means it.
  • lila28


    shut up Daniel, go Chris <3
  • Jordyvde


    7 years from now Daniel will apologize for taking so much rake.