Famous poker players on Game Shows

Following the news of poker player Alex Jacob crushing Jeopardy, we look at some other instances where poker players took on TV Game Shows.

JJ Hazan on Dragon's Den

Popular UK player JJ Hazan came up with a novel way to find staking, ask for it on National TV:

Jean-Robert Bellande on Survivor

When he is taking a break from getting owned at the table, 'Broke Living' likes to get owned on reality game shows too:

The Devilfish on Celebrity Darts

The late, great, Dave Ulliott was also a very talented darts and pool player, as he demonstrated on this UK show:

Vicky Coren on Have I Got News For You

Double-EPT champion Vicky Coren is also a regular on celebrity panel shows in the UK, demonstrating both her immense knowledge and fantastic sense of humour:

Annie Duke on the Apprentice

It appears that Annie is as popular in celebrity reality shows as she is in the poker world:

Liv Boeree on Golden Balls

Perhaps the pick of the bunch as Miss Boeree uses everything in her poker skillset to deceive a poor guy out of his money: 

Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments.

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2.

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Comments (7)

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  • JimC6


    I love the Joan Rivers clip where she says "Your a poker player! A poker player!"
  • 1AverageJoe1


    Why the hell did he go on dragon's den and try to act like some kind of James Bond, cool player, this is real life not a film. Plus if he's supporting a family, then it's incredibly irresponsible of him to fritter his money away on a holiday home abroad, I think his family would appreciate a stable home life more. Furthermore, has he ever hard of BRM?

    If he had taken time to explain a couple of mathematical concepts; pot odds, ICM etc. and how he gauges certain situations, then surely he would have had some interest. Plus he agreed it was a gamble then said it isn't a gamble, bad presentation but good luck to him in the future.
  • JimC6


    I always felt like he went on knowing he'd get rejected by the dragons and was doing it more for the publicity rather than the stake.
  • BarryCarter


    #3 Yes I felt like that too. I interviewed him when it happened and he suspected he was going to get rejected anyway.
  • wasy8


    I think Alex Outhred was on Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader as well
  • d0nCorleone


    ilari sahamies on Fear Factor in 2009
  • Damsan777


    True, we are Poker players, not.....