Gus completes a marathon high stakes grind

We recap some of the best videos of the week including the first time Spraggy has ever folded Kings and the return of Will Kassouf.

Hansen's epic Bobby's Room grind

After being in the poker wilderness for a long time, The Great Dane really is back and if you follow him on Instagram you'll know he has been playing the biggest games Vegas has to offer. In fact, as he recounts here, he has played for 652 hours over the last 70 days in Bobby's Room:

I am a sick sick man!

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Genius or Moron?

Elsewhere, our friend Spraggy folded Kings for the first time in his life, was he a genius or a moron (his words, not ours):

Neeme's first vlog

Considered very much a pioneer and unspoken hero of poker vlogs, Andrew Neeme looks back on the first video he made:

Still like a boss?

Has the joke worn thin or does the poker world still care about Will Kassouf's antics? Once again he joins Joe Ingram:

courtiebee's ICM punt

Finally we end, as we often do, with ANOTHER final table from Courtney Gee:

Is Kassouf still a boss? Let us know in the comments:

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