Heads-up for VR Rolls with Tonkaaaap

We recap some of the best YouTube videos of the week including mindset advice and a Vlogger Live At The Bike.

Tonkaaaap vs Spraggy VR

Free agent Parker Talbot took on his 'Frenemy' Ben Spragg at the PokerStars VR tables and here are the highlights:

Ingram meets Sontheimer

We are already two episodes in for the relaunched Poker Life Podcast and the latest guest was German High Roller Steffen Sontheimer.

Johnnie Vibes Live At The Bike

Widely considered one of the best Vloggers in poker right now (despite no Global Poker Award nomination) - can Johnnie Vibes make a splash on Live At The Bike?

courtiebee makes another final

She is crushing the final tables, as always, can Courtney Gee take down this $109 MTT?

Galfond's mindset advice

We featured it earlier this week but it's worth repeating, Phil Galfond talked about downswings live on Twitch. 

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • GospodinZ


    thx for the video's , Phil's vid is a must see for every player out there
  • MLima1984


    Yeap, great advice from Phil.