Iodine playing card scam uncovered in Berlin

German police arrest suspect after finding radioactive identifiable markings on deck designed for reading cards.

Playing Cards Scam

Police in Berlin, Germany, have arrested a 41-year-old woman on suspicion of marking her cards with iodine which could later be identified by accomplices in real money card games of chance.

The iodine marks, believed to be unharmful, would become visible using a detector hidden on the bodies of her accused partners, thus giving them an advantage in card games by making certain cards identifiable.

Traces of the medicinal iodine-125

Berlin's Marzahn Hellerdorf district

The cards were uncovered in a recent raid which took place in a restaurant after authorities followed a radioactive trail omitted from a rubbish truck that led them from a waste management facility directly to the eatery.

In the restaurant, which did not have a gambling licence, police found 13 cards, all with traces of iodine-125, a medicinal radioactive substance. The search was then relocated to other local premises including a karaoke bar, offices and a residential flat.

The suspect, from Berlin's Marzahn Hellersdorf district, faces a potential fine as well as five years in prison.

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