Joe Ingram reviews Molly's Game

We recap some of the best videos you may have missed, including the return of Doug Polk's hand reviews and a career high win for 'courtiebee'.

Papi talks Molly

In case you missed it, we reviewed Molly's Game last week, but here with a much more detailed breakdown is Joe Ingram, along with his friend Sasha:

Polker hands are back

He is very busy with his new Crypto channel but Doug Polk still has time to break down some big poker hands, like this one between Phil Hellmuth and Liv Boeree:

Courney's biggest cash yet

We have been following Courtney Gee's channel for some time because she keeps on making final tables, so we couldn't miss out her biggest career final table to date:

Poker news from 888poker

Congratulations to soon-to-be parent Kara Scott, whom is back this week with the latest from her poker news show for 888poker:

That's poker!

Finally after bringing you some of the greatest minds in the game on YouTube, a reminder that poker can also be extremely childish at times too (mildly NSFW):

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (3)

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  • CucumbaMan


    Of course there's another Phil Hellmuth blowup! :)
  • SDK1987


    Indeed, but well played by Liv.
  • chilliyen


    Molly's Game, great pile of steaming smelly poop