Main Event nightmare hands

Everybody wants to play the Main Event, but everybody is scared to death they'll get dealt coolers like these infamous WSOP televised hands.

Those pesky Quads

We start with what may become the new classic nightmare hand that Vanessa Selbst was on the wrong end of this week on Day 1:

That was quick

Prior to the Selbst hand, this bust out of actor Oliver Hudson was always the nightmare set-up for any aspiring player, as it was the very first hand he was dealt:

It's a chop....right?

Speaking of actors, another one was dealt another classic cooler, this time Kevin Pollak very deep in the Main Event:

You called with that?

You want your opponents to call with something stupid, most of the time....

Live poker is rigged

The ultimate cooler, but at least he got to meet Ray Romano:

How could this get worse?

It's one thing to lose to a cooler in the Main Event, it's another thing to go on to become a viral meme, as Carter 'sad face' Gill discovered:

The biggest gut punch

Statistically not the worst beat, but when you are super deep in the Main, can see the final table in sight, and get Pocket Aces, man must it hurt:

Did we miss a classic cooler? Let us know in the comments:

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