Million dollar pot on Poker After Dark

Even more insane action from the relaunched cash game series on PokerGO this week, watch it right here.

First we had the return of Tom Dwan, then we saw him back to his old self with a sick hand, and now this week's relaunched Poker After Dark has a (near) seven-figure pot.

The newly live streamed show on PokerGO has been a hit so far with poker fans, especially after this $979,600 pot between businessman Bill Klein poker pro Matt Kirk. 

See how it plays out right here.

Thoughts on Klein's push on the turn? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (7)

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  • Tara771


    Wow .. quite a good bank. I would have it just enough for a few years))
  • spankyboy


    Jesus Mr.Klein is soooo Baddd unbelievable..what did he think with which hand he call the 175K raise?with pocket stupid he is easy Money.
  • IvicaIliev77


    Typical things to see in both live and online poker, although way more in live with such light stacking.
  • Spidey1978


    I had that happen to me. I was livid - lost like $2.08! 🤣
  • Daftpunk007


    Did he just slow roll him for 1 mil pot??
  • Mompacha


    Oh my god, how great does you feel after winning that insane amount of money! Haha i'm gonna keep battling in micros, see you later :P
  • gxtwo


    shouldn't the dealer be counting his stack!?