NL10 now available on Six Plus Hold'em

Try out the great new addition to iPoker's exclusive all action game from today.


For the past month, iPoker have been exclusively offering the exciting all-action Six Plus Hold'em game online and, from today, NL10 will also be available on the format.

It's a thrilling new addition to the very same game that you might remember hearing Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey talking about being played in Macau. 

It plays like regular Hold'em, but with Deuce through Five removed from the deck, meaning bigger hands and bigger pots. The only differences to regular Hold'em are as follows:

  • Deuce through Five removed from the deck
  • An Ace can also play as a Five to make a 5-6-7-8-9 Straight
  • A Set beats a Straight
  • A Flush beats a Full House

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Comments (18)

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  • MJPerry


    I'd have thought iPoker would have wanted to focus on making sure their software isn't embarrassingly poor before adding new games and burdening it further but what do I know.
  • MJPerry


    Though it is good to see sites that aren't Stars/Tilt adding new variants.
  • nathanrenard


    Well iPoker started the whole Twister thing, so... guess bigger sites might follow?

    I love high action games with capped decks, changes the game so much.
  • NightShadePMC


    #1 +1, that piece of shit software tilts me to hell. I can't believe they haven't improved it in years with all the money they made from the players.
  • NightShadePMC


    And regarding the format: In regular NL hold'em, when you have a straight and there's no flush/pair on the table, you can be pretty sure you're nuts unless you have something like a 9 high straight made with 56s/o. If a flush or a pair comes, you can play it a bit more cautiously.

    In this new format, you get more gamble for your buck, because that's what poker is all about these days, right? Poker went from full ring to 6-max and hyper-turbo formats and spin and goes. I think the trend is pretty clear: the more gamble, the better.
  • BarryCarter


    #3 It was Winamax actually with their 'Espresso' tournaments
  • w34z3l


    looks epic tbh
  • forceking


    re "I think the trend is pretty clear: the more gamble, the better."
    - you're right, it's much better for poker sites to attract / encourage gambling, better than having tight (old school even) players grinding tourneys or cash tables
  • Jaissica


    I'm not sure more gamble is always the trend. Else Omaha and Omaha8 would have killed NLH by now.

    More gamble probably only works when casuals don't feel lost in pots. Omaha is a great one for getting lost in as many players can't figure out what odds and outs might help them. They get crushed and move back to NLH.

    Split deck holdem... maybe. I've played a lot of Manila, and it plays 7s up (ace is high only, standard hand ranks except flush beats a book). I don't like three of a kind beating a straight. Three of a kind has a much better chance to improve to a book in a split deck, so it doesn't need to be shifted up the ranking order.
  • AlphaVillain


    Omaha is too complicated for fish to even know what hand they have most of the time. The simpler the format, the better for stupid people.
  • Zanardi1


    I agree with AlphaVillain
  • jules97


    Won't run and get any volume. Lucky, coz If it did, would be dominated by bots.

    The simpler the format the easier it is to solve. I think this could be solved in a day, with the reduced deck and massively reduced game trees.
  • jules97


    still better than pokerstars game
  • CPallo


    Well, this sounds like a game that I should try once and then stop playing it forever. We will see..
  • cosmys


    well done
  • microhero


    How is a str8 draw 48% for 6+? 1-((23/31)*(22/30)) comes out to be 45.6%.
    Flopping a set or better is 17.11%. Not even close to 18%.
  • Lazza61


    Even though only 5 cards are displayed in the video, you should use 7 as you can't complete a straight draw without an opponent so it should be 1-((21/29)*(20/28))*100 = 48.27% roughly.
  • tonypmm


    Still no NL10 at Coral... And how long shall we need to wait for NL100? :(