New Spin & Go hand ranges to help you win

Find out about our new hand range charts that should turn anybody into a winning Spin & Go grinder.


One of the many benefits to joining SpinLegends is that you begin by learning custom hand ranges that should be enough to get you to crush the small stakes. The game changes all the time and we have developed some brand new ranges. Today we speak to Epistokrat (who we met earlier this month) who worked on developing them.  

Well done on the new hand charts, are these the sort of things that will change every year as Spins get tougher?

Epistokrat: My guess is they will still be profitable in one year, but there will be some things that can be optimised as recreational players adopt regulars’ tendencies overtime. And even reg tendencies change, to a lesser degree, as they try to be ahead of the curve.

If a player followed them strictly, what level could they beat?

Epistokrat: These are charts designed for readless play, as soon as we have information on the opponent we can and should make exploitive adjustments. So only follow them strictly when you have not gathered enough information. So, we can play profitably with them on any stake, that’s what they are designed for. We only enforce our students in the Silver group to stick to them quite strictly. From Gold group and higher we train with our students in coaching sessions to learn about smart adjustments.

Would a player be too exploitable at the higher stakes using them?

Epistokrat: These charts are exploitable! That’s the price we pay for utilising an exploitive approach. If they are in fact exploited is dependent on the quality of the opponent, typically recreational players are not very good at exploiting you actively. And vs the stronger players we would use much harder to exploit charts to begin with.

"The is our readless starting point"

epistokrat hand
Not an excuse to skip study

Is the point of the charts about internalising them so much that you understand them so well, so you can then diverge from the chart in unusual spots?

Epistokrat: Yes you can memorise them after a while, there is a logic behind why we play a hand a certain way.

Does following charts too strictly hurt learning comprehension, because you are blindly following something? 

Epistokrat: You could keep a positive ROI on average, but it is not about playing some +EV line but to play the highest EV line based on the evidence that we have. This is our readless starting point, the more information we gather the more we deviate from our chart. There is a concept called bayes estimation in mathematics that helps us to understand how to gradually include the new information into the population tendencies. So these charts are not an excuse for skipping studying poker. SpinLegends is about worker harder and smarter on your game than the competition.

How did you test out these charts?

Epistokrat: It is more about every single hand individually. We can deductively (using math) look at what is highest EV, given our knowledge about villain's behaviour. And then with programs like PT4 you can look at your empirical results that converge to this number (or help you improve your assumptions on villain's behaviour). We have done it for the $100 stakes and simplified for the skillset of the lower levels in efficient ways. Actually there are a lot of ideas that I like about the Silver charts, because they help to prevent playing in difficult spots that we haven't discussed with beginners, at the same time exploiting the way too wide preflop calling ranges at the lower stakes.

Thinking about getting staked?


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  • anduke


    Would be cool to get some materials for pokerstrategy members too...
  • OldSchoolPapa


    You can find most of those ranges using GTO solvers. then with the stats you cumulate on the stake you play you can adjust them. make a chart for the average, one for the regs and an other one for the recreatives. I think they do it that way so you can do the same as well. ;-)
  • martinko212121


    A love the spin a go