Poker pro crowned Scrabble World Champion

David 'Deldar18' Eldar takes the Scrabble world title following a brilliant win in Nottingham, UK.

David Eldar A 27-year-old Australian poker pro with more than three-million in live winnings in the bank has recently been crowned as the world Scrabble champion.

David Eldar, who plays under the name 'Deldar18' and 'POKERBLUFFS' at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, won the youth world championships back in 2006 and has now followed up the success by winning the adult equivalent in Nottingham, England.

Eldar said,

"This means a lot to me, I went into the third game with a huge mental advantage having won both previous games, so I knew I just had to keep focused and if the tiles went in my favour I could clinch it."

Eldar, who lives in London, was taking part in the Mind Sports International World Championships at the Old Museum, Nottingham Conference Centre and took home £7,000 for his victory to add to his $224,855 in live poker cashes.

Victory came after he the spelt word "carrels", which means cubicle desk, landing him 74 points to take his third set of a best of five final.

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