PokerStars to increase rake in low stakes MTTs

Tournaments under $20 will be seeing an increase in fees from Monday onwards.

PokerStars MTT lobby

In an attempt to maintain 'maximum flexibility and agility to adjust to changing conditions' in the marketplace, PokerStars announced yesterday that tournament fees in low stakes tournaments would increase. 

Starting on Monday, March 26 the following tournaments will be impacted:

  • Fees are increasing in MTT with a buy-in less than $20
  • Fees are decreasing in Time Tourneys, regardless of buy-in

No specific details have been shared with regards to how much the fees are increasing and at which buy-in levels. The new fees will be available in the tournament lobby for each event in the PokerStars client on Monday. 

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Comments (13)

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  • boskibogdan


    more rake is better
  • nsavov


    YES! This is by far the best thing they can do for poker!

    I am not even being sarcastic. Half their games are already unbeatable or beatable with a winrate of half the rake generated... When they increase the tournament fees, more and more players will quit that room increasing other rooms action!

    I sincerely hope they go bankrupt soon
  • nutural


    strange times!
  • Tim128


    Good move, it sucks when all those grinders move up stakes, I'd rather just have highstakes players and high stake fish
  • CptJokerFish


    Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more Rake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JackTheHammer


  • Ivaisov67


  • doomsd


    no promo and more rake is way to go for all players now losing players will win more when they pay more rake and other crap they give us heheheheheh
  • sirilidion


    no lube will be used for low stakes MTT-players on stars ^^
  • Paracelzus


    They just getting worse and worse...
    From time to time they launch something new to destroy what is left from poker.
  • firebullgr




    How greedy can you be seriously?
  • xxnub


    Poker is game of luck so they do not want to change it.