PokerTracker 4 has a Major Software Update

Find out about all the new features and fixes for PokerTracker 4.07, which was implemented last night.

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Hot on the heels of the big announcement that PokerTracker 4 is now available for Mac OS X, today we have news of a huge software update for all PokerTracker users.

PokerTracker 4.07 was released yesterday. This is one of their biggest updates ever and includes more support for fast poker variants, customisable graphs, improved import configuration, improved equity reporting and of course the new Mac OS X version.

You will see a 'New Feature' popup window in PokerTracker 4 from now on which will highlight any key updates.

There is also a new community page within PokerTracker 4 where you can submit support requests.

PokerTracker 4.07 Key Updates

• PokerTracker 4 is now Mac OS X compatible
• Ongame’s Strobe Poker tables are now supported, this is the first Fast Fold game that is supported in PokerTracker 4 for both Mac and Windows
PokerStars Zoom Tournaments are now supported
• A new Tournament import configuration section found under Sites & Import Options, this new section includes options to track Unknown Finishes, calculation options for All-In Net Adjusted, and Summary Import options
 • Graph data colors and line thickness are now customisable, right click in any graph to alter how the graph is displayed. You can even set a line width to “0” to hide your winnings if you chose to do so
Holdem All-In Equity hand vs hand ties are now accounted for in all calculations, this addition is fully implemented in the Equity Calculator, All-In Equity calculation, ICM, and Net Adjusted Winnings calculation
• Basic player stats can now be included when you copy a hand history from the View Hand Details window
• The ‘Today’s Hands’ report will automatically display the Hero’s results when ‘My Hands’ is selected

For a full breakdown of all the changes, check out our PokerTracker forum:

Discussion forum: PokerTracker 4.07




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Comments (5)

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  • Sinnology


    It still sux greatly on ipokers and party pokers fast forward games tho .
  • Demetroid


    Hope they finally fixed the all-in adjusted EV calculation bug.
  • t7777777


    Thank you for coming out with PokerTracker 4 for the Mac.
  • PokerTracker


    Demetroid - There are no "bugs" in all-in equity adjusted calculation, everything we coded for all-in equity calculation is accurate, the lookup tables are mathematically sound. PT4's all-in equity adjusted calculations are more advanced than any of our direct competitors, we are positive of this! It is true that we are continuing to improve all-in equity calculation, for example we now account for hand-vs-hand tie potential in our calculations, the reporting of these situations is very complex within the database when split pots occur. The calculation is quite simple to do, it the reporting and database functionality that has taken months of work. We are not done improving all-in equity calculations yet, we still have more to do over the coming year to make PT4 even better!
  • PokerTracker


    Sinnology - The hand histories provided by Party Poker's Fast Forward and iPoker's Fast Poker are flawed, the poker sites themselves need to fix this problem. We do our best to compensate for their bugs when possible, but in most situations that cannot be done because it would break the logic of the hand or create pot sizes that do not match what actually took place in the hand. We have discussed this issue with both Party and iPoker, hopefully someday they will incorporate a fix.