Power Up removed from the PokerStars lobby

A short lived launch for the new poker format as a bug was found with how it affected the PokerStars lobby.

PokerStars Power Up

Earlier this week PokerStars launched the real money version of their innovative new game Power Up. 

However, the game has already been removed from the client after a bug was found which didn't affect the game itself, but how it affected the search and filter function in the PokerStars lobby.  

Lee Jones confirmed the issue on the PokerStars Discord channel:

Earlier today we were alerted to a bug which, in some situations, caused our mobile lobby to show no games other than PokerStars Power Up when using the search and filter functions. All other games were directly accessible at all times.

As a result, we have removed Power Up from our desktop and mobile platforms in order to ensure players continue to have a high quality experience. It is important to note that the Power Up real money experience was not impacted and performed as we had expected.

PokerStars takes player enjoyment very seriously and, particularly during launches of this scale, we take steps to minimise disruption of the player overall experience. We anticipate bugs of this kind at beta stage, which is why we commonly execute staggered product and service launches, as we have been doing here.

Jones confirmed that the game is expected to be back next week on the PokerStars client.

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  • ekisz


    Can be removed for ever, not big loss.