Ray Bitar returns millions in laundered money

We round-up some stories you may have missed including a big step forward for Artificial Intelligence and Doug Polk's new Crypto channel.

Bitar funds returned

Ray Bitar Full Tilt
Ray Bitar

A total of £9.5 million in funds laundered by former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar have been returned to the US, with a large payment also going to the Channel Island of Guernsey, where it was laundered. 

The funds were jointly discovered in 2015 by the Guernsey and US Treasury Departments. In 2013 Bitar pleaded guilty to defrauding customers to the tune of $360 million but only returned $40 million at the time.  

Bitar was sentenced to time served and in 2014 was said to be 'dying and penniless', however since then he has been seen having an extravagant wedding and seemingly in good health.

Another big leap for AI

chess poker AI

For those of you excited or horrified at the prospect of Artificial Intelligence after it bested the world's best poker players, this month AI had another landmark moment. 

DeepMind's AlphaZero was able to teach itself chess in four hours, then beat the world's previous best chess playing computer over 100 matches. 

AlphaZero was given only the rules of the game and no further human input, meaning it learned at at rate beyond all expectation. How long until we see AlphaZero take a stab at poker?

Polk takes on Crypto YouTube

If you are looking to learn more about Cryptocurrency as a poker player, this may be a good channel to bookmark. Not only does Doug Polk boss poker content on YouTube, he is now set to do the same for Cryptocurrency. 

He is bringing his familiar, irreverent and easily accessible video style to the world of Bitcoin and beyond, with a new YouTube channel:

Should Polk stick to poker? Does the latest AI news scare the life out of you? Has Bitar been punished for his crimes? Let us know in the comments:

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  • Zeezout


    More scaring is the fact that those computers could learn more than only chess. Even how to control humanity ...
  • Xbet88


    it's much money !
  • anduke


    Humans will probably have some restrictions on AI to keep it at bay. There is always someone who doesn't give a damn about humanity, that's where the problems start...