Real money Pac-Man coming soon

Las Vegas gaming convention sees massive trend toward skill based gambling including a new betting spin on 80’s arcade classic Pac-Man.

Pac Man Battle Casino The world of e-Sports gambling continues to grow following the news that video game designers Namco and e-gaming firm Gamblit Gaming have teamed up to launch Pac-Man Battle Casino.

The product was unveiled at the G2E Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas last week and was well received leaving some to forecast the future of internet gambling will be steered towards skill based video games in a bid to attract a younger audience.

In the UK, most bookmakers have added e-Sports such as Hearthstone and League of Legends to their product suite over recent years to push skill based wagering games. This should make pleasing reading for poker fans as their game is increasingly becoming more like an e-Sport itself with the growing use of Twitch and PokerStars’ new game Power Up.

Skill based betting game

Pac Man Battle Casino

Taking the same format as the 80’s arcade original, play takes place on an instantly recognisable maze only now players play against up to four other real person opponents for money.

As ever, players are tasked with clearing the maze of pills and avoiding ghosts until the consumption of power-up pills turns the ghosts edible. Now though, these power pills will also work on your opponents and they too become edible. Bets are placed beforehand and the game is entirely skill-based, save for the prize pool which is randomly determined by a spinning wheel after a winner has been found.

Elsewhere, makers Gamblit have already trialled casino versions of other popular games such as Jetpack Joyride, Doodle Jump and Cut The Rope, while Bandai Namco also have a deal in place with another designer, Gameco, to make a casino version of their famous fighting game Soulcalibur II.

Pac-Man Battle Casino should make its casino debut in the new year.

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