Set over Set over Set live on stream

It's your weekly reminder that these hands happen in real life and can be worth $27k to some players.

We say it often but one of the reasons why the Live At The Bike streams are so compelling is because they are the closest thing to a regular cash game in a regular poker room, without all the glitz and glamour of the produced final tables and shows.  

They claim it's never happened on stream before but this is what set over set over set looks like at the Bicycle Casino. 

So realistic in fact that we even get to see two seats open as presumably the unlucky players were forced to walk back to the cash cage (or go home). 

This is was in a $5/$5 game with a $50 Big Blind Ante, a format no doubt designed to encourage action and family pots like this one. 

It was a big week for the LATB stream as they also hosted a cash game with $1 million on the table and this was one of their biggest ever recorded pots:

Could either of the other players got away from their hand? Let us know in the comments:

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  • Thiamtan


    see not only jokestars
  • cms81


    Sick cooler !!!
  • JimmkCZ


    This is was in a $5/$5 game with a $50 Big Blind Ante