This Week's Crazy Poker Graphs

Cometh the hour, cometh the graph. In a new weekly series, we bring you some of the hottest, craziest poker graphs. Here are this week's selection.

The emergence of tracking websites such as Poker Table Ratings and the High Stakes Databse have been a real coup for poker stats buffs.

Poker graphs make it very easy to discern a successful player. Here are four of the best:

Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser

Ronny Kaiser is the new Swiss kid on the block. After a couple of years travelling the Swiss and Austrian tournament circuit, the 21 year old Kaiser made his first big score at the EPT Tallinn earlier this month, finishing 1st for $395,740. Judging by his graph, its fair to say that Kaiser ploughed most of his winnings into his online poker bankroll. A remarkable month has seen "1-ronnyr3" rack up $1 million in profit. His best day came a few days ago, when he won $366,288. Kaiser continues to mix it up with the best on the PokerStars PLO tables, and could be one to watch for the future.

Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond

Phil Galfond is one of poker's most revered cash game pros. Even this impressive PTR graph doesn't do him justice - Galfond has illuminated the poker world with his masterful instructional videos and television commentary. His insightful analysis of Tom "durrrr" Dwan's heads-up battle against Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Marcello "LuckExpress" Marigliano in the Live durrrr Challenge was a treat for all poker aficionados. Galfond has recently moved to Canada in the wake of Black Friday, and has been enjoying success playing under the nickname "MrSweets28" on PokerStars.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

A yo-yo graph from poker's favourite Swede. Isildur1 exploded onto the poker scene in November 2009 with all the aggression and tenacity of a 10th Century Viking raider. This graph may not account for Blom's years of dominance of the iPoker network under the nickname "Blom90", or his million dollar swings on Full Tilt Poker, but it still gives us an idea of Isildur1's rollercoaster career. Despite struggling to break even since his time on PokerStars, Isildur1 has illustrated his heads-up expertise by winning all but two of his "SuperStar Showdowns" against the game's elite.


Anonymous Russian "Scout326" has been gifted the rather unfortunate title of "worst online player ever" by several poker circles. Some say he is a degenerate Russian businessman. Regardless, his PTR rating is colder than Siberia. He has dropped over $3 million in 3 years, with seemingly no respite or purple patches. His only consolation was a first place in FTOPS XVI Event #2 in April 2010 for a prize of $89,031. It is fair to say that "Scout326" should stop feeding the high stakes sharks and find a new pastime.

More to Come

In future, we'll be bringing you a greater variety of graphs - some from esteemed pros, some from lesser known faces, and even some shockers.

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Comments (40)

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  • Kruppe


    how about not posting a scout graph on a huge website like pokerstrategy? their results being made public can make them stop palying, which would be a desaster in this case.
  • Kruppe


    damn i should check my comments before clicking send, spelling mistakes etc. probably under-mine my credibility.
  • ulairiiii


    yeah i agree with the above comment..isildur most propably will stop playing now because you revealed his graph..I am 100% sure that now we know how he runned we can outplay him, so he will retire his career.Sexiest graph is galfond.This guy has ton of work behind this
  • jbpatzer


    So little variance visible on Scout326's graph. What a solid performance.
  • samm1989


    - He's an anonymous Russian (possibly very wealthy) who obviously loves to play / gamble, do you think he cares?
    - I think its correct to tell someone who has lost over $3 million in the game and will continue to lose alot more to quit - poker isn't for everyone.
    - Do you play the nosebleeds? Will it affect you?
  • Gerv


    #3 we are talking about trout325 so you better re-read comment #1 first
  • Gerv


    Yeah obviously you have no problem telling him since u dont play against him. seems logical.

    Other players try to prevent his screenname from coming up with displaying their bad results because of the big marginal value in case he stops. he is not an average SSNL recreational player, he is the hsnl guy
  • Aerox232


    Where the fuck is Ziigmund graph?
  • Saruniks


    who put nanonoko graph in reverse?

    oh wait...
  • Jonas


    @8 We obviously can't feature ALL interesting graphs, but feel free to share the link here to it :)
  • NightFrostaSS


    why post scout, wtf
  • Yoghi


    Think it's a huge fail to post that guy's graph. He probably doesn't care too much, but he might think he only lost 1M instead of 3 or w/e.
  • chenny8888


    samm you're aware poker's a zero sum game right? in order for us to eat we need fish. discouraging fish to play poker just because they're losing money is just wrong imo. as long as they're enjoying themselves they should be free to do what they want, free from judgement
  • tcs35


    Such a stupid idea to post scout's graph
  • lessthanthreee




    at least black out the names if you want to post huge losers.
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    I don't think Scout326 visits websites that speak about poker strategy. Browsing through sites that gather winning or to-be-winning players would have a rather unpleasant effect on his mood (he must know he's not doing so well) so he is likely to be avoiding it.
  • clawindsouza


    @16 - why take a chance...please remove his graph if possible asap....this is why i hate ptr...
  • Saruniks


    I believe it's ok to post scout's graph. Maybe he wants us to post his graph so he would be more famout as online poker player ;D
  • MarcPS


    guy, realistically we're just highlighting information that is already publicly available.

    And anybody with $3m to lose doesn't care about the money, that's already obvious, so the chances of them stopping playing are so close to zero that it's not worth thinking about. People with this kind of money to lose aren't stupid, they also know exactly how much they've lost; but they don't care, evidently.
  • Gerv


    PokerStrategy is on top of google along with 2+2 and on 2+2 they try to put asterisks in between to prevent the chance to google himself

    Furthermore how do you know he doesnt care? for all he know he thinks he is the FTOPs winner champ but lost only a couple of 100ks and then bam ''oh im down 3mill...''

    Making the connection with ''losing $x million'' and ''doesn't care'' is kinda shallow thought if we do not know the person but know the math of p% finding he does & eventually quits.
  • MarcPS


    #20 you honestly think if he googles himself he doesn't ptr himself? really? and he obviously doesn't care, because if he did care, he'd have stopped.
  • lynius


    I must have 1/1000th of scouts wealth if even 1/10000th and I still get a monthly statement from my bank, I'm sure he knows how much he's lost.

    He'll either carry on playing because he enjoys it, carry on playing and try to improve for the challenge, or he'd stop when he looks at his bank statement - I don't think the graph on pokerstrategy will do much.
  • Tim64


    # Agreed that scout326 is a fish but calling him trout is going a bit far - why do you have to be so specific about what kind of fish he is? (jk).

    That said, I think it's highly unlikely a guy who has knowingly lost millions of dollars playing poker will be visiting a site with the words "poker strategy" anywhere in the title.
  • Tim64


    Stupid me that was directed at #6. :)

    And of course #22 is correct: You can't lose 3$m playing poker without making a great number of very large deposits. There is no way this guy doesn't know the state of play.
  • blackops888


    On the first day of 1-ronnyr3 upswing I posted a comment on PTR that this could not sustain itself for long... that it would take less than 7 days for him to lose a big chunk of it. There it is... his worst day was yesterday!
  • EmanuelC16


    WTF?! A staff member saying players should encourage fish to quit?! Is this the new goal of PokerStrategy: Reduce fish numbers?! The only thing worse that telling a fish to quit is to make him play better!!
  • tfsantos


    steady Ivan?!
  • Maniatrix


    Let rich people have fun with their money so poker players have a chance to earn money. If there were no whales, sharks would have to live off the small fishes and eating eachother.
    Very dumb advice from whoever wrote this article, considering good players need bad players to make a profit.

    By the way, PTR isn't the best site for statistics. According to another site, this scout guy is down 3.5M. Maybe that is change for him, so who cares.
  • wasy8


    bjoerni89's sharkscope graph is pretty entertaining lately.

    but i doubt you guys will post it because he's a PS customer.
  • samm1989


    #13, generally i agree with you. I'm just saying there's a fish, then there's a compulsive gambler...someone who has a problem. For all you know this guy could be $3 million in debt and have destroyed his life and that of his family. Such is the credit systems available to people these days, you can appear to be "rich" but actually be putting yourself in a load of debt.

    Take this principal a manager of a pub encourages peope to drink. It is how the pub makes profit / money. But if he sees a really piteous alcoholic who is destroying his life and that of the people around him...then his moral fibre might come in to play, and he'll take the person aside and say, "look you need to stop".

    I'm not saying that Scout is the gambling equivalent...but he could be.

    Speaking for myself, i'm not telling fish to quit, but i also wouldn't tell a compulsive gambling addict to carry on playing.
  • Tim64


    #30, I don't think this justification is required. All you are doing is presenting facts already in the public domain. The graphs of the the very good and very bad are of interest to players in the "news" section. And I think it's a dangerous line to try to justify the inclusion of one particular bad player by saying that he might be a compulsive gambler causing hardship to his family by being $3 million in debt. A guy who earns $1500 a month as a bricklayer and blows $500 on online poker is doing his family just as much harm. But he is the bread-and-butter of the average grinding regular, so let's not kid ourselves that we have some moral duty to inform losing players that they are, in fact, losing.
  • yegg


    'Isildur1 has illustrated his heads-up expertise by winning all but two of his "SuperStar Showdowns" against the game's elite'

    all but one. dn lost overall
  • Kruppe


    pokerstrategy is a huge site, millions of members worldwide, so probably a lot of people looking at the news. i'd say only a pretty small fraction of these people have seen scout's ptr graph before. (many poker players just don't use ptr, or don't know about scout, or do but don't know his exact SN or haven't ptr-searched him, etc). now, scout may well be billionaire who doesn't give a shit about the money, but he might feel bad if random people around him start talking about this scout guy they saw a graph of on pokerstrategy.
  • Kruppe


    and fwiw, i have played scout, and he's not actually a nose-bleeder, he plays mainly mid and high stakes
  • Kruppe


    also, him not playing WOULD affect players who never play him. maybe think about how the poker economy works? if certain stakes become tougher because of fish leaving, then some pros might play lower, making lower stakes tougher, again causing regs to move, etc.
  • Dendra


    never was a fan of tracking sites like PTR, the amount of info given is pure cheating - imo only info you should get about your opponents is from the tables you actually played with them.

    tracking results of nosebleed players was a hot topic on hsdb some years ago, but highlighting losing players - that's a whole different ball game.

    not to mention personal opinion whether someone is a gambler or a loser or something third falls under the blog category - nobody is looking for a self-proclaimed messiah, if you think you understand a player then by all means, send him an e-mail and explain him whatever it is you wish to say.

    it's player's choice what they're doing in poker and journalists write news in neutral fashion - though I thought there was a clear line between high stakes reports and pointing a flash light at the biggest donkey on the farm. that's just my two non-debatable cents on this matter.
  • Abhorrence


    I agree completely with Dendra. I never did like those sites or programs that share info. Everything should be done by the user themselves.

    Anyway Scout's got some brutal loses lmao.
  • TilTmuch


    why every1 cares so much about this fish? like how many of u will ever play vs him ever? well i could count on 1 hand how many could, and none of u who "cares" is not in that one hand
  • 3tilley


    If the guy is stupid enough to lose $3m and not realise it then someone should probably tell him to stop. Acting like its some great secret that the poker community is trying frantically to stop him finding out is silly.
    Also there should be some mechanism to help compulsive gamblers stop depositing, and might well be part of any legalisation of online poker in the US.
  • benedeklevi


    1.)look, it is just unethical to call somebody" the worst online poker player ever".
    If he can afford to play poker on high stakes for fun, then i am sure that he is more intelligent than most of us.
    2.) Highlighting his ptr graph does nothing good for anybody(except for the article writer who gets a couple $s for writing it), but it can harm badly(and i think it already harmed because he is playing far less since you published an article about him in july) the poker ecology.
    Poker strategy is mostly dedicated for small stakes players and i agree to publish some motivating winning graphs, but please remove the scout part of the news!